This is what StoryMe is about

Video is to a brand what knives are to a chef, a precision tool that enables them to
touch their audience. Creating those tools requires craftsmanship. That’s our job.
We strive to make #madebystoryme a hallmark of quality because video is our
passion 💛

We’re not bound by job descriptions, we’re here to help each other. If you feel that
it's going to help the project or colleague, don't let a piece of paper tell you what
you can and cannot do 🤝

We don’t care about traditions & we’re not afraid to change things up! So please,
introduce us to new things, especially if they’re shiny! 🎉

We know that there’s always room for improvement. So we make sure there’s room
for you to improve 🚀

We’re open to everyone, except those who aren’t open at all. So don’t be a hater 😉

Current Openings 🐧


Account Manager
  • Ghent or Brussels, Belgium